AgarSense Tri-Plate

AgarSense Tri-Plate

The AgarSense Tri-Plate is formulated with NEW chromogenic agar. The chromogenic agar produces a spectrum of colours to help identify the growth of gram negative bacterial cultures, gram positive bacterial cultures AND yeast cultures! Clear separation between gram positive and gram negative bacterial cultures. This system is intended as an aid in the identification of certain common pathogens. Definite identification requires additional testing. This system is intended for veterinary use only.

Up to 6 month expiry! Individually wrapped!


 Each box ordered comes with 10 FREE sterile, disposable inoculating loops!


Tri Plate Color Chart Download (pdf)

AgarSense Tri-Plate Information & Instructions (English)

AgarSense Tri-Plate Information & Instructions (French)

 Notes: For Veterinary use only. Used specimens, containers and media plates should be properly disposed in accordance with provincial and local laws. 

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Prices in Canadian Dollars.

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