Chemstrip 9

Chemstrip 9

Accurate urinalysis screening begins with a quality test strip. The patented construction of the Chemstrip Urine Test Strips includes absorbent pads underlying the reagent pad, held in place by a mesh laminate overlay, rather than adhesive. This facilitates absorbency and rapid diffusion of the sample, prevents chemical runover onto adjacent strips, and provides easy-to-read, uniform, distinct color changes.

Evaluation of results is always clear and reliable, thanks to the easy-to-read, vertical color scale on the vial label, which perfectly matches reaction colors on the test strip pads.

Chemstrip urine tester strips test the following nine substances in the urine:

  • Bilirubin
  • Blood
  • Glucose
  • Ketone
  • Leukocyte
  • Nitrite
  • pH
  • Protein
  • Urobilinogen

Each bottle contains 100 strips.



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