Petri Dishes

Petri Dishes

Ideal for bacteriology and microbiology.  These dishes are manufactured using 100% virgin, high molecular crystal clear polystyrene for distortion-free viewing and optimum optical clarity.


  • Lid & Base: Standard Conventional
  • "Sliding" (No stacking ring on lid for high speed operation)


  • Lid: Vents, Inside Ribs
  • Base: Outside Ribs
  • "STARDISHTM Semi-Stacking" (Bevelled angle stacking ring for stability)


  • Lid: Vents, No ribs, No lip
  • Base: 4-Sections with "ISO-PLATER" FROSTMARK "STARDISHTM Semi-Stacking" (Bevelled angle stacking ring for stability)


  • Lid: Vents, No ribs, Lip on the skirt
  • Base: Inside Ribs, and "ISO-PLATER" FROSTMARK "STARDISHTM Semi-Nesting" (Nesting recession on lid has a smooth bevelled angle for high speed operation)

All Petri dishes are sterilized according to USP XXVI procedures.


Prices in Canadian Dollars.

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