Starswabs II

Starswabs II

Starswabs II® are the reliable choice for the collection and transportation of a wide range of bacteria. Quality control procedures are compliant with CLSI document M40-A guidelines. Swab formats include single, double, straight wire, and flexible wire. Available in four different media types to suit your diverse needs.

Modified Amies Clear Media

Provides excellent survival rates for a variety of bacteria. Compatible with gram staining.

Modified Amies Charcoal Gel

Enhances the survival of fastidious organisms, including Neisseria gonorrhoeae, by neutralizing any toxins that may be present in the specimen.

Both Amies Clear and Amies Charcoal provide optimal environments for the survival of anaerobes through the complete immersion of the swabs into the gel and by the presence of the reducing agent, sodium thioglycollate.

Liquid Stuart’s and Liquid Amies Deliver consistent recovery in routine bacteriology. Compatible with gram stain and many rapid screening methods.


Plastic, round-bottom swab tube: Protects medium from dehydration. Easy to place in racking.
Spiral media chamber: Keeps sample immersed in media and protected during transport. Cap with overskirt and inner ring: Ensures containment of biohazardous material. Color-coded for identification.

Rayon swab tip: Inert and non-toxic. Permits good sample retrieval and absorption.
Premium-thickness, metallized outer packaging with ziplock closure: Promotes optimum performance. Creates a barrier environment to prevent premature medium dehydration.


Prices in Canadian Dollars.

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